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IREF III Funds Overview

India Realty Excellence Fund III

  • Fund Size : INR 1,000 Crore
  • Focus : Residential Real Estate projects in Indian Metros
  • Average Ticket Size : INR 80 – 100 Crore
  • Status : Active

India Realty Excellence Fund III (IREF III) is the latest fund offering by MORE with a target to raise Rs. 1,250 Crs. The fund is focused on investing in Tier 1 cities with a residential focus. The fund aims to generate superior returns through structured transactions accompanied with significant downside protection mechanisms. The fund has accomplished to raise Rs. 1031 Crs. 

The Fund has also started deploying capital from this Fund and has deployed ~ Rs. 644 Crs till date across investments in Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, NCR and Hyderabad.

Investment Strategy

  • City Strategy:

    Fund shall restrict its investment in top 6 cities of India - MMR, Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai and Hyderabad. Investment in individual cities (except for MMR & Bangalore) shall not to exceed 40% of the fund size

  • Project Strategy:

    Investment shall largely be in residential projects which are self-liquidating in nature. In order to achieve the desired IRR, majority Investment shall be at land acquisition stage or pre-approval stage. Investment in a single project shall not exceed 25% of the fund size

  • Developer Strategy:

    The fund shall partner with established developer with good track record, superior execution capability and financially sound. Investment in a group shall not exceed 30% of the fund size

  • Investment Structure Strategy:

    The fund shall undertake structured equity investments and mezzanine investments. Fund plans to undertake structured equity transactions with established reputed developers in each micro market. Focus shall be to invest in mid-income housing residential projects with reasonable approval certainty. In case of mezzanine investments, structure shall be regular fixed coupon along with equity kicker in form of inventory or revenue share in the project.

Investment Snapshot as on 30th June 2018

Sr. No. Investment Date DeveloperLocation Committed Amount (in Rs. Cr.)Current Status
1 February 2016 Kolte-Patil Pune 41 Invested
2 August 2016 SKYi Developers Pune 45 invested
3 September 2016 Garden City Realty Bangalore 55 Invested
4 January 2016 ATS Infrastructure Noida 45 Exited
5 August 2016 ATS Infrastructure Noida 45 Invested
6 January 2016 Rajesh Lifespaces
Mumbai 130 Exited
7 December 2016 Phoenix Infratech Hyderabad 95 Invested
8 September 2016 Shriram & Garden City Realty Bangalore 30 Invested
9 June 2017 Incor Group Chennai 63 Invested
10 June 2017 Casa Grande Thalambur 17 Invested
11 July 2017 ATS Infrastructure Gurugram 72 Invested
12 September 2017 Casa Grande Chennai 49 Invested
13 April 2018 ATS Infrastructure Gurugram 45 Invested
14 June 2018 Akshaya Developer Chennai & Trichy 114 Invested